Wirearts of Steeve Htay

Wireart is one of a kind art form and craft, encompassing the sculpting and crafting of art creations using the medium of wire.

This website is dedicated to wireart works of STEEVE HTAY. Steeve is a unique wireart artist, and his handcrafted wireart creations are beautiful, exciting and a delight to encounter. Some of Steeve's unique wireart creations are posted on this website.

Please enjoy venturing through the Wire Art website. Check out the "gallery page" and "where to buy page" to view the products and instructions on buying/ordering.

Steeve Htay is always working hard on new ideas and products of his wireart creations to share with you. If you have any question, comment and/or suggestion, please feel free to e-mail him through the "feedback page".

Thank you for visiting Wire Art website, and please visit again to sneak peak of new and exciting products.

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