About me

Steeve Htay

is a unique Wireart artist. He started working to create art forms by bending, twisting and tying the wires in 2000. It has taken years of practice for Steeve to reach the point in his work where he has mastered to express his artistic form using the medium of wire. He is a unique, one of a kind artist.

From conception to completion, Steeve hand-ties and twists rust-proof aluminum wire and hand-colours every piece of synthetic tube, and he hand-crafts all his wireart creations by himself.

Steeve’s wireart artworks are not only a delight and exciting to encounter, but also they are created to a premium quality to last lifetimes. Steeve weaves intricate details into familiar, enchanting forms using locally sourced materials when creating his artworks.

Admirers from across the globe include Steve Htay’s unique range of Wireart works in their collections.